University Of New Haven Housing Agreement

The self-service hospitality and dining portal is a convenient one-stop shop for all your residence choice needs. Follow the steps below to access Housing – Self-service Dining. Use a laptop or desktop and Google Chrome as an Internet browser to get the best results. 1. Changes To the Student`s Accommodation and/or Meal Options form, on which the student indicated the desired accommodation, provided a clear description of the type of configuration and/or option of meals requested, an explanation of how the application relates to the effects of the condition, and possible alternatives if the desired accommodation or dining room configuration option is not possible. All students are welcome in traditional residences, Smith Hall, Woolridge Hall and Fairview Suites. Transfer students with 30 or more college credits can also reside in Campus Village, the apartment style of Lock Haven University. Applications for housing and/or catering establishments are reviewed by the ADA/504/FHA committee and a letter is sent to the student to confirm or reject the application. If the application is rejected, students will have the opportunity to challenge the decision as follows: General Questions and Questions New Haven University strives to provide the best accommodations and plan arrangements to meet the special needs of our students. To this end, there are currently a large number of residential and catering establishments, but we are aware that there are circumstances in which certain requests and accommodations must be considered.

This directive is set out for this purpose. Sign the online licensing agreement for residential and food services and choose the meal plan that suits you. The housing contract you have entered into determines the available surfaces you see in STEP 4. Make sure you choose the right option. Emergency requests received on the basis of the above deadlines or during a semester will only be considered with the student`s confirmation that some requests for room accommodation may not be possible in the middle of a university year, as the majority of students are allocated space for the fall during which they continue the entire academic year. Late requirements can lead to delays or replacements. An incomplete in-case query prevents you from completing the process. The most likely reason your housing application is incomplete is that parental verification is missing.

If you are under the age of 18 on the day you sign your residency application, your parents or legal guardians will receive an emailed parental confirmation form to complete.