Zelle Network User Service Agreement

The registration and use of cell services are subject to the terms and conditions of the cell users` service agreement, in modified form from time to time. You can request the cancellation of your profile and registration to the cell by speaking to a customer service agent at 844.428.8542 (from 8 a.m. to midnight is, except New Year, Thanksgiving and Christmas). Information from closed or suspended profiles is retained only when necessary, in order to prevent the law, prevent fraud, prevent re-registration, assist in investigations, resolve disputes, analyze or correct programs, enforce our terms and conditions or take other legal action. As a customer of a network financial institution, the limit of the amount you can send to another user if you use the service is subject to the terms of your account contract with your financial institution. You understand and accept that your financial institution sets the limit of the amount you can send when you use the service in the Cell mobile app. This limit may differ from the limits that apply to you if you use the service via your financial institution`s mobile app or website, and may be adapted from time to time. If your transfer exceeds a limit, you will be notified of the authorized amount you can transfer on that date. You must have a U.S. current account or savings account to be a user, and your financial institution must authorize electronic transfers to that account.

If you sign up to use the network directory and service, or to set up a profile on clearXchange.com (the “website”), to access your profile on the Site, or to allow others to use or access the Service, you agree to the terms of this service contract. You declare that you are at least 18 years old, you are authorized to authorize credits in the registered bank account and you agree that you will not use the service for illegal purposes. Subject to applicable law, we may amend or modify this service agreement from time to time (including all service charges) by publishing the Updated Terms on the Site, at our sole discretion. Please consult regularly and read this service agreement. If you find the service contract unacceptable at any time, immediately cancel your profile and registration with clearXchange and immediately stop using the service. Your continued access to our website or the use of our Service after changing, changing or changing the terms of this Service Agreement is your consent and acceptance of this change, change or change. You can save a profile on clearXchange with multiple email addresses or mobile phone numbers; However, you can only register one bank account. You understand that you are not allowed to register with a network bank as a user with a bank account. We may, at any time or in part, terminate or suspend, suspend or restrict the agreement at any time or in part without notice (including, but not limited to the use of clearXchange.com), in whole or in part, at any time without notice, including for reasons regarding your use of the Service that we believe is illegal or potentially harmful to the trademark. , and if you no longer have a legitimate first Michigan account.